Ingredient List Update


pumpkin_seedsIf you’re a true Chocomize fan you know that most of what is on our website has been voted, recommended, or added on by you guys. Do you think we could think of combining gushers and chocolate on our own? We recently had another contest to see which new ingredients we should add to our list. The first place winner, orange peel, blew the rest of the competition out of the water. The second place ingredient, pumpkin seeds, was a much closer race.


This is old news though, what new? We taste tested them (we wouldn’t add anything we didn’t think was delicious…ok I’m not a big fan of wasabi peas, but we do only add the best quality ingredients) and added them to the website! Both make for incredible additions to your custom chocolate bar. So far orange peel, strawberries, and pecan halves have (say that ten times fast) been very popular. Someone even named an ‘Orange Bar’:

Orange Bar
Dark Chocolate
Fruits: Orange Peel
Herbs & Spices: Sea Salt
Candy: Candy Orange Slices
Candy: Mini Marshmallows

Candy: Pop Rocks

Pumpkin seeds and raisins have also been pretty popular. It definitely puts you in the fall mood! Anyways, thanks to all our fans for helping us find these great additions, and let us know what you think would go well with the new ingredients.


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