Ingredient of the Week: Candle + Sugar Candle Holder

The ingredient of the week is a sugar candle holder that comes with the respective candle. If you’ve read our blog before, you know how great custom chocolate bars are for gifts. We already have a lot of unique ingredients when it comes to birthday gifts. Take our ‘happy birthday’ plaques for instance. They really help make your custom chocolate bar stand out when you are giving it for someone’s birthday gift. Now we have a decoration that’s going to set your custom chocolate bar apart from any chocolate bar you’ve ever tried: sugar candle holders.




Candle’s on someone’s birthday is a time honored tradition. Customarily the candles appear in some sort of cake, whether they are birthday cakes or mini cupcakes. Now, however, you can give someone a birthday cake in their own custom designed chocolate bar! The sugar candle holders are firmly placed in your chocolate bar so all you need to do is place the candle (which we give you) in the holder and light them! We guarantee you will surprise and delight whoever is lucky enough to get this awesome gift. The candle holders are made from sugar and completely edible (not to mention absolutely delicious.) So if you’re giving someone a custom chocolate bar for their birthday, remember that no birthday gift is complete without any sugar candle holders!


Thanks for everyone who sent in suggestions for ingredients this week. As always we love to hear what ingredients you’d like to have on our website. If you have any ideas be sure to shoot us an e-mail at


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