Ingredient of the week: Gushers

strawberry_gushersYou don’t need a special holiday like Valentine’s Day to order the perfect custom chocolate bar. Our chocolate bars are good for any occasion or no occasion at all! If you’ve been surfing around our website lately you’ll have noticed that we have removed the Valentine’s Day ingredients bar. We’ll post special tabs throughout the year when certain holidays arise (I think the next one will be Easter, just to give you an early warning.)

For now, however, if you want to get a great recommendations on what ingredients will make your custom chocolate bar perfect, keep reading our ‘ingredient of the week’ postings. This week’s winner is our strawberry gushers.

 Most of the ingredients that we feature in this weekly post are recommendations from customer requests. Although we have recently added a bunch of new ingredients thanks to some great ideas from our fans, (check out the potato chips, they are a surprisingly great addition to chocolate) the idea for strawberry gushers was all Nick’s. Fabian and Nick were shopping for groceries in the local supermarket when Nick came across a box of gushers. He immediately grabbed them from the shelves and told Fabian that we needed to add this to our list. Fabian had never even heard of gushers (those Germans are so funny sometimes) but after one try he needed no more convincing from Nick.

Gushers actually have some nutritional benefit to them. They are high in vitamin C and very low in fat. It is worth noting that they do contain a high amount of sugar, so the health effects aren’t all positive. We recommend gushers to those chocoholics with a sweet tooth. They go great with milk chocolate and have a soft chewy texture that makes it very easy to bite into. Personally, I would go with milk chocolate, chocolate candy pieces, and gushers. Simple, yet extremely tasty.


Thanks again to everyone who wrote in with suggestions for ingredients this week. We apologize for Nick being so greedy and posting his addition as the ingredient of week, but he is seriously obsessed with gushers. Contact us with questions and ideas at

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