Ingredient of the week: Happy Birthday Plaques

It’s time for the ingredient of the week! This blog post has been a little delayed. Things have been pretty busy over in Chocomize land. We’ve been getting a lot of orders (thanks to all our customers!) and had a lot of great responses to the customer survey we sent out last week. In addition, Chocomize has been getting a ton of press lately both on and off the internet. To find out more about this, check out our past blog posts or check out our press page.


So this week’s featured ingredient is actually more of a topping. It is our happy birthday plaques! Our custom chocolate bars are extremely popular for gifts (we definitely have solved your Valentine’s Day problem) especially birthday gifts. We’ve featured other great birthday items in the ingredient of the week, like our candle holder, but we’re proud to say that the happy birthday plaques our definitely our favorite.


As you can see in the picture, our happy birthday plaques are written on a white background. They are completely edible (we don’t put anything on our bars that aren’t) and are made out of an always popular and tasty substance: sugar.

If you’re looking to make and give a custom chocolate bar to someone for their birthday we definitely recommend our happy birthday plaques. We think they go well with our candle holders, but if you’re looking to make a festive bar (a birthday is always a good time to celebrate no matter how old you are turning) we recommend you add sprinkles.

Thanks as always to people who keep sending in suggestions for us to add to our list of ingredients. Coming soon is going to be a Valentine’s Day tab where we feature new and special ingredients great Valentine’s Day bars (think I love you plaques, hearts, Happy Valentine’s Day plaques, etc.) Stay tuned for updates and as always if you have any questions or comments you can reach us at

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