Ingredient of the Week: Hard Peppermint Candy

The new ingredient of the week is hard peppermint candy! We use crushed candy canes and hard peppermints to give you that delicious and popular mint taste in your custom chocolate bar. This ingredient seems to be especially popular during the holiday season as we’ve been recently flooded with requests by people who were dying to have it in their Chocomize bar.


Ever wondered why restaurants always have mints for people to eat after a meal? Studies have shown that mints help with digesting large meals. A German study recently showed that mints can help alleviate cramps resulting from digestion problems. Studies have also shown that mint helps with memory and context related learning. Restaurants are hoping that the next time you chew a stick of mint gum, or suck on a piece of mint candy, you’ll remember the great (cramp free) meal you had. We were shocked to learn that so much thought went into those little mints we always grabbed when leaving a restaurant, we were always hoping that they would make our breath smell a little better.

We aren’t offering mint for your custom chocolate bar out of some crazy diabolical scheme to get you hooked on our chocolate bars (although that wouldn’t be a bad side effect) we just think it’s a great tasting ingredient. Our hard mint candy is not the first mint ingredient we’ve added to our website. We also have candied mint leaves which have been very popular. Personally, we recommend that you try dark chocolate with mint, blueberries, almonds, and marshmallows. Mint also goes extremely well with white chocolate and oreos.

So if you’re looking for a great tasting ingredient that may or may not (the only thing we guarantee at Chocomize is that it will taste great) help with digestion and cure your bad breath, try the hard mint candy in your next custom chocolate bar.

As always, thanks to everyone who sent in suggestions for ingredients this past week. If you think you know of a great tasting ingredient that you don’t see listed on our website, send us an e-mail at We’ll be sure to add it to our list, and if you’re lucky it might just be the next ingredient of the week!

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