Ingredient of the Week: Lavender


Lavender is the ingredient of the week. This was the second most requested ingredient from the contest we had a couple weeks back (check out our previous blog posting for more information.) You guys really know how to pick them! It took us a while to find the perfect type of lavender (ours is nicknamed the ‘ultra’ lavender) but we finally settled on a delicious type called ‘English lavender.’

The name is actually deceiving; although it is called ‘English’ lavender, it is actually cultivated in France. Lavender is used for many things other than eating. Its scent makes it extremely popular for potpourri, and is also used in many bath soaps and shampoos. It was traditionally though to help cure depression and assist in falling asleep. We aren’t doctors at Chocomize, but just the smell of lavender being mixed with chocolate is enough to put me in a good mood!

Lavender is probably one of the most unique ingredients we’ve ever added at Chocomize. We think that all our ingredients taste great in chocolate, but lavender is the first ingredient that I can think of that actually has a distinctive and pleasant smell to it. And although it might be a somewhat strange claim to make, I think we can say that not only do we have the best tasting and best looking chocolate bars, we now have the best smelling ones!

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