Ingredient of the week: Message Hearts

message_heartsAs Chocomize begins to gear up for Valentine’s Day, we are constantly adding new ingredients that fit with the holiday. Over the next couple of weeks, the ingredient of the week will be something related to Valentine’s Day and will be found in the new Valentine’s Day section (check out our creation station if you aren’t sure what we’re talking about.) This week’s featured ingredient is the always popular sweetheart message hearts!


For those of you who don’t know (which we’re pretty sure is impossible) message hearts are a delicious sugar candy made into the shape of a heart. So what do they say? Well these hearts have a bunch of different short messages, all related to something romantic. Personally, my favorite message is ‘lets kiss’, but Fabian was looking pretty sad this morning so I made him a small chocolate bar and placed a heart that said ‘sun shine’ on it. That cheered him up (although it could have just been the delicious chocolate.) No matter what message you end up getting (we try to get them all on your bar) these message hearts really make that custom chocolate bar a great Valentine’s Day gift. So instead of just giving someone a boring ol’ box of hearts, make sure you give them a Chocomize bar, the perfect custom chocolate bar (hmm maybe we should trademark that?)

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