Ingredient of the week: Valentine's Day ingredients

For today, we will rename the ‘ingredient of the week’ blog title to ‘really awesome and special VALENTINE’S DAY TOPPINGS FROM SWITZERLAND!!!!!’. It’s pretty long so we probably won’t mention it again. But in case you couldn’t figure it out, we are pretty excited about the new items we have recently gotten (did we mention they are from Switzerland?) We have a whole tab exclusively for ingredients we think would go great on your Valentine’s Day custom chocolate bar, and this post is going to talk about the four most recent ones we’ve added.

happy_valentine_plaque The first, and probably our favorite, topping we’ve added is the plaque that says ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’. This plaque is made out of dark chocolate and is completely edible (and very tasty.) Specially designed just for Valentine’s Day, thithank_you_hearts addition really sets your custom chocolate bar apart from all others (and really gets the message across.)

The second ingredient we added is a heart (a little over the size of an inch) that has ‘thank you’ written on it. We added this to the Valentine’s Day tab because we feel that ‘thank you’ is a good message for Valentine’s Day. Whether it is a friend, family member, or special someone, saying thank you is always appreciated (especially when it is accompanied by a delicious chocolate bar.) A lot of people deliver the message of love on Valentine’s Day, but sometimes a simple Thank You can go a long way. We really recommend this ingredient to separate your Valentine’s Day gift from others.

i_love_you_heart The third ingredient we are featuring is a large heart (again a little bigger than an inch) that has ‘I love you’ written on it. This heart is great not only because of what it says, but also the detail that it has. Whether it’s the smaller hearts in the left hand corner, the border framing the heart, or the beautiful script of the message, this topping looks very classy. It also tastes delicious!

The fourth and final ingredient we added is a large chocolate heart with smaller pink hearts onvalentine_heart top of it. Whereas the other two hearts we have featured on this blog create a really classy look to your custom chocolate bar, this large heart definitely adds a lighter and more fun feel to your chocolate bar. If you’re looking for some other toppings to combine it with, we recommend you try the Sweetheart message hearts which we think also have a lighter feel to them.

Chocolate has always been given as a gift on Valentine’s Day. When you combine the high quality chocolate we import from Belgium with the premium ingredients we’ve imported from Switzerland, you get a chocolate bar that goes above and beyond anything you’ve had in the past. And that is what we are about at Chocomize. Giving you the opportunity to create something you can’t get anywhere else. We’re really excited about these new additions, and we hope you’ll give them a try!

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