Ingredient of the Week: Vegetarian Bacon

vegetarian_baconWe have recently added a couple new ingredients for our adventurous customers. For those people who want to try something new for their personalized chocolate bars, they should check out our tasty beef jerky. Our bacon was so popular that we decided to branch out to another type of meat, and so far it’s been a big hit! We actually just removed bacon from the list of ingredients because we want to work on figuring out the perfect way to combine bacon to our custom candy bars. We know we have a lot of adventurous customers who are also vegetarians, and so we decided to add a new ingredient: vegetarian bacon.

I know that ‘vegetarian bacon’ sounds like an oxymoron, but ‘vegetarian bacon’ isn’t made from bacon at all. Made from soy, it tastes just like real bacon but doesn’t contain the fat, cholesterol, or nitrates of real bacon. So if you like having the bitter sweet taste for your custom chocolate bar, give our vegetarian bacon a try!

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