Jim's Farewell

Hello and Goodbye,

It’s been a wild ride here at the creation capital of the world and I certainly learned a lot, not only about how to decipher Fabian’s German accent or how to perfectly chop those pesky macadamia nuts, but also about raw entrepreneurship and smooth business management. I was lucky enough to earn a position in the office here at a time of major growth and change and saw our company featured in everything from Oprah and CNN to TV hit Rizzoli and Isles and the Costco Connection and many more. From first bar to last, this was easily the sweetest job I’ve had yet and it will certainly be hard to top, even with 23 karat gold flakes…(my ability to craft the perfect puns has also increased exponentially since starting my work here). I’m off to celebrate the rest of summer with a few of my favorite things. . .

My dog Rosie


The Beach


and Rizzoli and Isles (can you find the Chocomize bar?)

rizzoli  isles

Until…next year???!?

Jim Brown

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