Last Golden Ticket Sent Out


The last golden ticket was shipped out today! For those of you who don’t know, we are trying to be a bit like Willy Wonka and we are randomly sending out golden tickets in people’s personalized chocolate bar. The lucky recipients don’t get a tour of chocolate factory (we’re busy installing a glass elevator) but they do become members of our chocolate of the month club. Members of our chocolate club will receive four personalized chocolate bars (designed by us) every month for three months. It’s a great way for people to try different types of chocolate and a variety of our premium ingredients.


Easter is just around the corner and we’ve sent out a lot of great Easter themed bars.  You guys completely cleared us out of our chocolate Easter bunnies and chocolate Easter eggs! I’m looking forward to bring home a box of Easter bars this Sunday, and we would love to hear any Easter stories you might have next week. Thanks for being fans.


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