Legend of the Easter Bunny


Easter is fast approaching (April 4th.) If you’re lucky, the Easter bunny might come by your house and leave you a basket of Chocomize bars! Have you ever wondered how the story of the Easter bunny came about? Yesterday we were busy making chocolate bars and we noticed that we were getting a lot of orders with chocolate Easter bunnies. We realized that we didn’t know how the legend of the Easter bunny originated, so we decided to do some research.


The first recorded stories of the Easter bunny occurred during the early 1600’s! It is based on the German fertility God ‘Oestre’. Her favorite animal was the rabbit because it symbolized fertility. Eggs (another popular Easter theme) were also closely associated with her because of their obvious representation of fertility.

The Germans were also the first to create edible Easter bunnies which were made of sugar. The first Easter candy was created in Germany during the 1800’s. When Fabian found out that the legend of the Easter bunny AND the first Easter candy came from Germany, he was insufferable the rest of the day. Every time one of us made a chocolate bar with an Easter bunny or egg, he would lean over our shoulder and say in a smug voice “do you know who invented these delicious ingredients?”

So if you’re worried that the Easter bunny might not bring you something good this year, check out our decorations tab where we have a lot of delicious Easter themed ingredients. Whether it is chocolate eggs or sugar ducks and rabbits, you’re Easter egg hunt should end with Chocomize!

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