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Tropical Island Bar


Of the Chocomize custom chocolate bars the Tropical Island Bar is hands down the most relaxed. Originally from the Tropical Island of Tonga this bar has lazily floated from one tropical island to another. Along his journey the Tropical Island Bar has picked up souvenirs from his favorite islands. Some of the souvenirs the bar picked up were pointless; “Tropical Island Bar, when was the last time you wore that hula skirt you picked up in Hawaii?” asked the ever refined Romance Bar. The truth is in his travels the Tropical Island Bar has picked up a lot of junky chachkas, but some have left a lasting impression.  Some of these souvenirs have become an important part of who Tropical Island Bar is today; Coconuts from Jamaica, Bananas in Costa Rica, Cantaloupe Melon from Sri Lanka and those awesome argyle socks from Bermuda. This free spirit is a citizen of the world who embodies the most relaxing aspects of the tropics!

Chocomize Personals

Tropical Island Bar

DC seeking MC with interest in confection and travel.

You- Milk Chocolate Chocomize bar with gummy bears, nerds and other candies who enjoys fun and relaxing.

Me- Dark Chocolate with Cantaloupe Melon, Coconut Flakes and Banana Chips who enjoys travel and just chilling out.

Interest- Long walks on the beach, playing my steel drum and listening to Bob Marley records.

Favorite Movie- The Blue Lagoon starring Brooke Shields and Christopher Atkins.

Favorite Song- Three Little Birds by Bob Marley


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