Mother's Day Trivia


Mother’s Day is fast approaching (May 9th.) This is the perfect holiday for a personalized chocolate bar from Chocomize. Check out some of our decorations that are tailored just for this holiday. We have chocolate hearts that say ‘I love you’ and ‘Thank You’, crystallized rose petals, 23 karat gold flakes, candy sugar hearts, and more!



Mother’s Day has a fascinating history. The earliest ‘Mother’s Day’ goes all the way back to the Ancient Greeks who had a holiday celebrating Rhea, the mother of all the Greek Gods. The modern Mother’s Day holiday owes much of its existence to Anna Marie Jarvis who spent her lifetime lobbying for the creation of a holiday that would celebrate women, and mother’s in particular. The first state to officially celebrate Mother’s day was West Virginia. On May 9th 1914 President Woodrow Wilson declared it an official national holiday. It was originally celebrated as a way for American’s to honor the mothers whose sons had died in war, but it quickly expanded to celebrate all Mom’s in general.


President Franklin D. Roosevelt approved a stamp which commemorated Mother’s day in 1934 and in 2008, the US House of Representatives voted on a resolution commemorating Mother’s Day. It was a unanimous support (everyone was probably scared of their own mom.)

Here are some more interesting facts about Mother’s Day:


-More people eat at restaurants on Mother’s Day than any other day of the year.


-It is estimated that this year Americans will spend around 2.5 billion dollars of flowers, 1.5 billion on ‘indulging’ gifts (think a day at the spa, or the chocolate of the month club from Chocomize), will write about 70 million of greeting cards, and almost 10% of all the jewelry bought in the US will be purchased on Mother’s Day.


-There are almost 83 million mothers in the United States


-In 2006 there were over 20,000 flower shops, 12,000 beauty stores, and almost 30,000 jewelry stores in the United States alone.


-A survey from AT&T said that over 120 million people call their mothers on this holiday (we think the same people should order a chocolate candy bar from us.)


To celebrate this great holiday, not only do we have the perfect ingredients for your personalized chocolate bars, but we will be running a blog series called ‘The Moms Behind Chocomize.’ There will be a couple of blogs about the moms of the founders of Chocomize (we’re hoping to earn major brownie points.) Mother’s Day is always a double whammy for me because my mother’s birthday is a couple days before! She’s be getting a lot of chocolate bars…I hope I didn’t ruin the surprise.



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