National Jelly Bean Day


April 22nd is national jelly bean day (we were just as surprised as you probably are to hear that there actually is such a thing.) Since there is such a day, we decided we would celebrate! Eric and I will be having a contest to see who can eat the most in one day. There’s been a lot of trash talking going on in the office, but I’m pretty sure I’m going to win. Oh, and we’re going to make jelly beans free for the entire day!


I bet not a lot of people knew that April 22nd was national jelly bean day. Here are a couple other interesting (and random) facts that people might now know:

-Jelly beans originate from a popular Turkish candy called ‘Turkish Delight’ and they are hundreds of years old.

-The modern jelly bean didn’t originate until around the civil war when a Boston candy company started sending them to Union soldiers to bolster moral.

-Jelly beans didn’t become associated with Easter until around 1930 (they original connection was due to their resemblance to Easter eggs.)

-Nowadays almost 15 billion jelly beans are sold around Easter alone!


Enjoy your free jelly beans, April 22nd only!


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