National Milk Chocolate Day is July 28!

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Happy National Milk Chocolate Day!

Milk Chocolate gets its very own day to bask in its own delicious glory. This type of chocolate might be the most popular and best-selling today, but it wasn’t always. Chocolate used to only be dark and bitter. Mayans and Aztecs used cacao to flavor their drinks and the world’s first chocolate bar was of the dark variety and made in 1847. The world was left a void where a sweeter, milkier taste belonged.

How did Milk Chocolate come about?

Daniel Peter - Milk Chocolate

Daniel Peter


Henri Nestle - Milk Chocolate

Henri Nestle

This was until Daniel Peter finally found a way to successfully add milk to the product in 1875 with the help of a name that should sound familiar, Henri Nestlé. Oddly enough, Daniel Peter was a candle maker before he became a chocolatier, and plummeting sales after the kerosene lamp was invented spurred Peter to come up with the first known way of adding milk to chocolate without it spoiling. The rest is history!

  • The use of evaporated milk helped create Milk chocolate. It’s the lighter, smoother chocolate alternative.
  • Milk chocolate is different because it must contain at least 25% cocoa solids to be considered so (ours contains 34%).
  • The average American eats 11 lbs. of chocolate a year and a whopping 71% of that is milk chocolate.
  • Not only is chocolate good, but it’s good for you in moderation. Milk chocolate releases feel-good hormones in your body that enhances your mood.
  • It also contains a moderate amount of caffeine (6mg per 1 oz. bar) which can be used to substitute the coffee addiction most people suffer from.

Celebrate with us!

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