National Selection Regatta Day Two

Great news! Chocomize advances to the finals of the rowing National Selection Regatta. Nick LaCava, Anthony Fahden, Jimmy Sopko, Will Daly, and Sam Stitt (chief chocolatier) have all advanced to Saturday’s finals. It’s unclear at the moment if their performance is due solely to having eaten tons of Chocomize chocolate, but we’re pretty convinced down here at the factory that it has had a large effect. Check out the pictures of some of the racing. Even though it’s hard to tell, you can see the begining of the Chocomize logo on their backs. Will Daly and Jimmy Sopko are in the first picture, Nick LaCava and Anthony Fahden are in the second. Stay tuned to hear the results of Saturday’s racing!

And don’t forget to make your own custom chocolate bar at our creation station and support the rowers!


will and jimmy racing


nick and anthony rowing

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