New Ingredient Contest

A long time has passed since the last time we added new ingredients to the Creation Station. In the last contest, we (or better you!) found such awesome toppings as cookie dough, junior mints, and the ever-popular Kit Kats©. Over the past couple of weeks we have gathered all the new suggestions. Some of them were also suggested the last time but they did not make the top three like black licorice and rice krispies. Other toppings are completely new to us but sound absolutely delicious. And then, there are also some weird ones as always but you’ll see.

We are going to try and find the new candidates in two steps. First, we want to make sure that everyone had a fair chance of suggesting their favorite new topping. In addition to the suggestions below, use the comments box to make additional suggestions. We will go though all of them and see which ones we can realistically work with (soft caramel, for example, would be awesome but our tests showed that it would just mess us the entire cellophane bag so we had to decide against it). On Thursday, we will then post the official poll where you actually get to vote on your favorites.

We are excited and can’t wait to sample all of the suggestions!

Here are the ones we have so far:


ricecrispies Rice Crispies




smores ballsS’mores










 diced applesDiced apples




fennel Fennel









fruitloopsFruit loops




taleggio cheeseTaleggio cheese (seriously?)






licorice2 Black Licorice




caramelpopcornCaramel popcorn




chaipowderChai powder




bee pollen granulesBee pollen granules








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