Obama Writes to Chocomize

Almost an entire year ago, we sent President Barack Obama some of our chocolate bars to try. Obama is a fellow Columbia alumnus, and we thought he might enjoy some of our delicious custom chocolate. We sent him a dark chocolate bar with almonds and pistachios, a milk chocolate bar with cayenne pepper and chipotles, and a gift certificate for him to create his own bar. To read the full story, check out the blog post that we wrote here.

About eleven months later, we finally got a reply! It turns out the President of the United States is not allowed to accept monetary gifts, so the gift certificate we gave him was returned in the mail. Our chocolate bars were not given back, however, and now Eric is convinced that Obama actually tried our chocolate. Odds are that some lucky White House  employee ended up eating the chocolate, but we  think it’s pretty cool that there is a chance that the  President could have been snacking on our Spicy Special favorites bar up in the Oval Office.

We did get a signed letter from him. Here is what it said:


Loved the chocolate bars, thanks for adding my favorite ingredients! Let me know if you are ever in Washington, you can come by and hang out in the WH.

Your biggest fan,


P.S. My wife thinks Nick is really cute.

We’ve now got the letter hanging in our office, and we’re pretty pumped about it.


P.S. Hopefully You’re able to read the real letter in the picture above…

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