Oh, Canada: Chocomize Shipping to Canada Streamlined

candaHere at Chocomize, we are more than just the first customizable chocolate service here in the good ole US of A.  We embrace the international flavor of today’s world, and have officially made it easier than ever for our brethren up north in America’s Hat to get their chocolate fix.  Whereas before our Canadian comrades had to phone in their orders due to limitations in the shipping options on our website, we have expanded to include the Great White North so that our chocolate can make the trip across the border much more easily.

So whether you’re watching a Jim Carrey movie, headed to a Justin Bieber concert, drinking a Molson at a bar on your 19th birthday, or staring at your Sydney (freakin’) Crosby poster, feel free to order all the Chocomize chocolate you can eat.  After all, if you get sick, the doctor’s visit will be free anyway.


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