Oops…Production Mistake Leads to Discount Bars

cinnamon_barAs hard as we work to ensure that the orders we fill for you are accurate and delicious, sometimes slip-ups happen and we now present you with an opportunity to capitalize on our latest goof.

We had a bulk order come in recently for many milk chocolate bars with mini pretzels and dark chocolate bars with cinnamon.  Unfortunately, we swapped those arrangements by mistake, and now have 65 unclaimed bars that will be sold at the special price of just $3.00.

So, if you think a milk chocolate with cinnamon sound like a bar that you would like to try, shoot on over to the Favorites page and find the new Cinnamon Special bar being sold at a discount price while supplies last.


Hurry though, I have a feeling these bars will last about as long as the Chocomize beard-growing contest from earlier this summer.




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