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About us

About us

Chocomize is an e-commerce company that allows people to create their own custom gourmet chocolate bars.
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Make your chocolate dreams a reality! Create personalized chocolate bars from our 300+ million possibilities.
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Win Free Chocolate in our Spring Chocolatier Competition!

We’re proud to say we have very creative customers. Since our launch, we have received millions of imaginative chocolate bar combination orders. We’re still pleasantly surprised to witness new combinations, and sometimes we get so excited that we give the combination a try for ourselves.

make your own chocolate bar competition

It’s your turn to shine, you chocolatier.


Anyone that’s ordered from our site knows that the combination possibilities seem almost infinite. However, we already know your creations are so carefully crafted – toppings complimenting toppings, sweet and salty converging, mouthwatering combinations – we believe it’s innovative art. And we’d like to see your best.


Part 1)

Until Friday, April 13th, visit our Facebook page and write your perfect combination on our wall. Give it a witty and fun name, too. Once your ingenious creation is published on our wall, encourage your friends to visit our Facebook page, like us, and like your chocolate bar on our wall. The more “likes” your bar gets, the closer it will get to the top 10. You can post more than one bar and ask your friends to like it but we will only pick one bar per person (the one with the most likes) for the top 10.

Part 2)

On April 13th 10am EST, we will choose the 10 creations with the most likes and they will be photographed and posted on our favorites page by the following Monday, where they will battle it out. You can use the ‘FB share’, ‘Twitter’, and ‘Google+’ functions on the product details page to create buzz for your chocolate bar, get your friends to find your bar, and LIKE it.


Share your custom chocolate


The contest will end on Monday, April 23rd, 10am EST. The most liked bar will be deemed “Choctastic” and earn a permanent spot on our “Favorites” page. The clever chocolatier will win perks that include free chocolate!


1st price: $100 Chocomize gift certificate + 3 of your suggested favorite bars

2nd price: $50 Chocomize gift certificate + 3 of your suggested favorite bars

3rd price: $25 Chocomize gift certificate + 3 of your suggested favorite bars







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Easter is Right Around the Corner


With Easter right around the corner, we chocolate enthusiasts have put together three special Easter bars!


Easter Egg Hunt is an egg hunt in a bar. The bar is dark chocolate with an edible Happy Easter plaque, peanut butter chocolate, colorful jelly beans, and a chocolate Easter egg. A rich bar with a burst of fruity flavor and spring themed color.



Our second bar is Peep My Bunny! This is a delectable milk chocolate bar with an edible Happy Easter Plaque, sprinkles, mini marshmallows, and sugar Easter bunnies.



Our third bar is an Easter Delight. This is a creamy white chocolate bar with an edibly Happy Easter Plaque, a chocolate Easter egg, yogurt pretzels, and sugar Easter bunnies.


Besides our popular Easter bars, you can make your own! Head over to the creation station. Choose your base: milk, dark, or white. Then get creative with your toppings. Under “Decorations” you will find the Happy Easter plaque, sugar Easter bunny, and the chocolate Easter egg. Satisfy your sweet tooth with candy for a very Easter themed bar, including jelly beans, Nerds, Sour Patch Kids, or Pop Rocks for an extra fun bar. The possibilities are endless! Our Easter themed bars will only be around until Easter day, so stock up! They’re ideal for all ages, and kids will especially love them.


Wishing you all a very Happy Easter.


-The Chocomize Crew


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Chocomize is now shipping to the UK


From Aberdeen to Belfast, down through Manchester and London, Chocomize is now shipping to the UK.


That’s right. For a flat rate of $9.50, order as many bars as you desire. Our latest weather forecast promises chocolate delivered to Britain during the next year will arrive in mint condition. We’re happy to announce that beginning immediately, we will be shipping your wildest chocolate dreams to you. You can run rampant in our creation station now and instead of designing a bar and looking at the preview longingly, you can actually order one and have it delivered to you in a matter of days.


Shop for yourself, your family, loved ones, and friends. Let everyone know Chocomize is now shipping to the UK. Your friends will thank you endlessly for telling them about us. Need another reason to spread the word? You can get 15% off your next order. Simply like us on Facebook and click on our “Refer a Friend” tab. Tell your friends about us and you’ll get a special promo code for 15% off your order.

Shipping to the UK and 15% off your order when you suggest us on Facebook.


300 million chocolate possibilities have never been more tempting.


-The Chocomize Crew

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Love and Chocolate


Spring is a time of renewal and new beginnings. Believe it or not, spring is also the most popular wedding season. As couples take to wedding magazines to pick themes, decorations, color schemes, food, and flowers, why not add something creative to your reception – say, a custom chocolate bar?


With Chocomize, you can order a bar that fits your taste and suits your wedding theme. Perhaps you’ve chosen a black and white theme, and calla lilies are your flowers of choice. Your guests can indulge in a white chocolate bar with dark chocolate chips, blueberries, and lavender. Or perhaps – in the spirit of spring – your wedding is colorful. Your guests can enjoy a milk chocolate bar with jelly beans, cantaloupe melon dices, and crystallized rose petals.

Pick your favorite toppings:
Some couples have compromised on one bar, while others have divided the bars between the two and designed two different bars that suite the different tastes of each.

Design your box:
Not only are the bars all you, but so is the presentation. You can customize our traditional Chocomize

box with photos, the date of your wedding, or even a love poem.

Final touches:
Personalize your bar even further by adding our labels made of edible icing sheet and edible ink. Choose words of love, the date of your wedding, or anything else. The label goes right on the bar and is completely edible.


Making your dream chocolate bar for your dream wedding is our mission.


If you would like to get a quote, please shoot us an email at The price of each order largely depends on your toppings and the size of your order. If you’re overwhelmed by the endless selection, check out our creation station to virtually see what your bar would look like, or get some inspiration from our Facebook page where you will see suggestions other Chocomize enthusiasts have tried and loved.




-The Chocomize Team





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30,000 Fans on Facebook

We are happy to announce that our Facebook page has recently hit 30,000 likes! That’s huge! And it’s thanks to all of you. As promised, we are offering our 30% of coupon code (Thanks30kFans), which expires on February, 25 2012 at 11:59pm PT.


Use this promotion to splurge on your favorite bars, explore new combinations and toppings, get your friend that bar you’ve promised but always ended up eating yourself, or create a special bar for someone special, just because.


We’d like to thank all of you thoughtful and loyal customers for your continued support. Keep spreading the word! Now, go forth andcreate.






The Chocomize Team

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