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Chocomize revolutionizes the American chocolate market


Chocolate exactly the way you want it. No matter how unusual. This is the innovative idea behind the startup company Chocomize.

At, customers can select their favorite chocolate base (dark, milk, or white) and then add up to five out of 83 fine ingredients to create their choice chocolate bar. This allows for more than 10 billion possible chocolate combinations. In other words, if every citizen of New York City ate one different chocolate bar a day, it would take over 3 years until two people had exactly the same chocolate bar.

Chocomize uses only premium Belgian chocolate and the finest ingredients for its chocolate creations, be it Pecan Halves, Banana Chips, Pineapple Dices, 23 Karat Gold Powder, Rose Petals, or Bacon. Each chocolate bar is hand-made to order and is shipped right to ones doorstep only a few days later. Chocomize bars are great for gifts, whether it’s that special someone’s birthday or a business thanking one of their clients. The chocolate bars start at $3.85 and increase in price depending on the selected ingredients.

The heads behind this concept are three 23 year old college graduates and entrepreneurs who reconsidered the traditional corporate career path after the breakout of the economic crisis. Committed to making change, the company donates a part of the proceeds to charity and makes the customers a vocal point of the venture. Not only was the company’s name “Chocomize” chosen by customers, but most of the ingredients are suggestions of the company’s followers as well.

If you are interested in further information about the company, send an email to

Chocomize – Customize your Chocolate!

Eric Heinbockel
Fabian Kaempfer
Nickolas LaCava
 Founders & Managing Members

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