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Sometimes we hear about an idea that’s so awesome we can’t help but to tell our favorite people about it (I’m talking about you guys) even if it doesn’t have anything to do with chocolate. We recently heard about a company started by fellow Columbia University graduates that is one such thing. What’ssalsabol the great idea? It’s called Salsabol, These two geniuses were tired of spilling salsa all over the table every time they had a party. Instead of just wasting money on buying new salsa, they decided to take matters into their own hands and invented the ‘salsabol’.

So what is the salsbol? The picture should be pretty explanatory, but the geniuses behind the ‘bol explain it best: ‘the salsabol is an elegantly crafted ceramic bowl which features a curved rim that pushes your salsa or dip back onto the chip for the perfect scoop, every time.’ In short, it’s the perfect solution for all your salsa problems (and makes for a great conversation starter at parties.)

We’re all about great party ideas at Chocomize (hint hint try our personalized chocolate bars for your next party) and these ceramic dip bowls are perfect for your next get together. We’re thinking about getting a couple for the office. We probably would just fill them with melted chocolate and then dip pretzels and cookie dough to eat, but that’s just us…

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