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Chocomize: Design-Your-Own Chocolate Giveaway

Look what showed up at my door towards the end of finals week:

Customized chocolate bars from Chocomize! The company offered to send me some chocolate to review with the giveaway, but I couldn’t decide what combinations to get… everything looked so good! I narrowed it down to a few options, and told them to surprise me. I received two yummy bars.

Milk Chocolate with Gummi Bears and Orange Slices. I thought the combination would be kind of weird, but listed it as one of my choices anyways. As it turns out, I loved this bar! The chewy, sweet orange combined with the smooth chocolate was perfect. My only (slight) issue with the bar was that the gummi bears were a little tough, so I think next time I’d get only orange slices.

The milk chocolate itself was excellent. Velvety-smooth and creamy, it just melted in my mouth.


Dark Chocolate with Crunchy Almond Croquant, Sliced Almonds, and a Chocolate Butterfly. I have three things to say about this bar. First of all, the butterfly was beautiful. Secondly, the dark chocolate was rich and smooth, just the way I like it. And finally, I loved the crunchiness the almond toppings added.


Want to win some delicious chocolate of your own?


If you do, I have a $40 gift certificate to giveaway to one lucky reader!

To enter, visit Chocomize’s website and leave a comment here with the chocolate bar you would order. On Sunday, January 3, I will randomly select a winner.

Good luck!


And, if you have a big event like a wedding coming up, consider Chocomize bars for your favors. You can add pictures and messages to the packaging, in addition to customizing the ingredients for your bars! Yum!

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