Chocomize is now shipping to the UK


From Aberdeen to Belfast, down through Manchester and London, Chocomize is now shipping to the UK.


That’s right. For a flat rate of $9.50, order as many bars as you desire. Our latest weather forecast promises chocolate delivered to Britain during the next year will arrive in mint condition. We’re happy to announce that beginning immediately, we will be shipping your wildest chocolate dreams to you. You can run rampant in our creation station now and instead of designing a bar and looking at the preview longingly, you can actually order one and have it delivered to you in a matter of days.


Shop for yourself, your family, loved ones, and friends. Let everyone know Chocomize is now shipping to the UK. Your friends will thank you endlessly for telling them about us. Need another reason to spread the word? You can get 15% off your next order. Simply like us on Facebook and click on our “Refer a Friend” tab. Tell your friends about us and you’ll get a special promo code for 15% off your order.

Shipping to the UK and 15% off your order when you suggest us on Facebook.


300 million chocolate possibilities have never been more tempting.


-The Chocomize Crew

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