Street Fair, Part II

Street Fair, Part II

After less than five hours of sleep, we woke up to get ready for the street fair. Our first order of business was to drive uptown to pick up a tent that a friend of ours was lending us. Once we got the tent, we drove down to 53rd and Madison to drop off and set up our equipment.We had a ten by ten foot area right on the corner of the street. Our neighbor to our left sold hand knit gloves and hats, while the tent across the street sold Philippino barbeque, spelt barbikyu. They sold three dollar pork and beef kabob and spent the entire day yelling “free samples, free samples”.

Most of the setups were similar to ours. We had one large tent with a banner attached to the front displaying our logo and slogan. Inside the tent we had two tables, one in the front displaying all our chocolate, the other behind us which we used for storage.

Around ten o’clock a lot of people began to traffic the area. It being New York, we saw a lot of interesting characters. We saw a seventy year old woman with hair dyed bright purple, two middle aged men walking around with no shirts, and one typical New York road rage incident involving one woman driver screaming at the top of her lungs at another driver while almost running over two pedestrians innocently crossing the street.

We quickly began selling bars. We sold both our big bars as well as the small bars that we usually set aside for samples. The most popular bar was definitely the dark chocolate with strawberries. Other notable favorites included the milk chocolate bar with gummi bears and m & m’s, as well as the milk chocolate bar with almonds which we sold out of very quickly.

Overall, not only did we sell a lot of chocolate bars, but we had a great response from people who came by the tent. There were a lot of different types of chocolate lovers. Some were chocolate experts, who loved the taste of our dark chocolate. Some were candy fiends who couldn’t get enough of our milk chocolate with m & m and gummi bears. Others were simply blown away by how great the different ingredients looked on top of the different chocolate bars.

It was wonderful to see and hear the different responses people had to the ingredients we offered for their chocolate. A lot of people were amused when they saw chocolate with cherrios, were shocked when they bit into a chocolate bar with pop rocks and felt it explode in their mouths, and a few were a little grossed out by the idea of chocolate with bacon.

We spent the entire day selling chocolate and talking with people about our idea. The only break we had was when we grabbed some hot dogs from the local stand nearby, which Eric immediately regretted and proceeded to spend the rest of the day complaining about “how disgusting his water dog tasted”. It was also great running into our friends who lived in the city and were excited to see and taste our chocolate bars.

At the end of the day we packed up and said goodbye to our neighboring stands (we were never brave enough to try the barbikyu). It was really great not only being able to finally start selling actual chocolate bars, but also to hear the responses and advice people had to our chocolate. It was particularly nice whenever someone would return to our tent and say “I just had to come back to tell you how great your chocolate was”. If you did stop by our street fair, we appreciate you coming. We hope to see a lot of the same people not only at future street fairs, but also as customers to our online store where they can choose any ingredient they want for their chocolate!

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