The Next Big Thing In Chocolate!



These days’ people are looking for something a little more exotic in their chocolate. Chocomize has seen this first hand with the wild popularity of bacon, cayenne pepper and other ingredients you don’t traditionally associate with chocolate. The brilliant minds of the Chocomize research team have spent countless man-hours thinking ahead of the curve to find the next big thing in chocolate, and we think we have done it! Chocomize has recently teamed up with another young, innovative mass customization company that has revolutionized the market for our new ingredient. As the first mass customization chocolate company, Chocomize continues to lead the way with our new collaboration. Obviously we are very excited about this new ingredient and though for now it is top secret we want the faithful Chocomize fans to take a stab at what this mysterious new ingredient may be. If you get it right we will send you one of the first bars with this new ingredient! Guess away.







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