The View From Candyland – Part 1

Good morning everybody and happy Monday to you all. Welcome to the first entry in my new blog for the summer – The View From Candyland.

It’s another busy start to the week here at HQ in beautiful Cherry Hill, New Jersey, but as usual we are ready to throw on the aprons and customize some chocolate. Before we start on this week, however, let me give you some of the highlights from last week:

-In an unfortunate event related to cleaning out our storage room to make room for a large shipment, Eric broke the strap on his wristwatch and is having trouble adjusting to the extremely pale skin where his trusty timepiece used to be
-We bought an enormous new freezer so that we can make more ice at one time, making our shipping process far more efficient and making sure that your candy bar arrives in perfect condition
-We received our copy of “Candy Industry Magazine” with our feature on pages RC18 and 20 (read about it on our Press page)
-We met with a staffing agent to talk about hiring more employees because, thanks to you, our custom chocolate bars are becoming increasingly popular
-We updated our office’s modern art collection with a large Jackson Pollock-type piece

In other news, this month we are part of a contest on and we are featured on a few new blogs, so click here to vote for Chocomize and check our press page to see what everyone is saying about the custom chocolate.

Anything interesting happen at your home or office last week? How was your last Chocomize experience? – Post about it here!
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