The View From Candyland – Part 4

So sorry to keep you all waiting for the fourth installment of my blog, I hope you all managed through Monday despite missing my usual “sweet” post. Again, I was too busy yesterday to handle it. With the help of our review on, we have had a wild amount of site traffic and have been swamped with orders since last week.

Well, I see you met Ryan…awkward. I think we forgot to mention in his ‘Welcome to Chocomize’ entry that he thinks he’s funny. Truth be told, he works hard and he knows more about computers than I do, so who knows what me and my laptop have coming our way after he sees that little comment.

So I’ve been getting a lot of emails asking me what ever happened with Eric’s wristwatch situation since he broke it about 3 weeks ago (see my first blog entry if you are a new reader). A lot of people are asking me questions like this:

What is he doing now? Does he show up late to work? Is he more efficient now because he can work hours on end without realizing it? Did he replace the watch with a new one?

I want to clear all this up for everyone so here’s what happened. The watch broke and he was devastated. In ruins, havoc in the office, utter mayhem. We found him trying to tell time by his shadow for the first few days, which just didn’t work at all, but it got worse. He couldn’t even remember where he lived after a few days and he wouldn’t accept any replacements. The only skill that remained unharmed, thank goodness, was his ability to make premium custom chocolate bars. He has found a temporary replacement for the meantime. Your standard big digital watch, nothing like that old classy gem that he used to have though, but it lets us carry on as if everything was normal.


4th of July orders have been flying in – don’t forget to order your Independence Bar or make your own creation. This summer has been busy but fun and I’ve already learned a lot of valuable lessons from the young entrepeneurs at Chocomize.

Nothing but clear skies in The View From Candyland.

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