The View from Candyland-Part 5

A pleasant good morning and greetings from Candyland from your new author here at the smoothest, the sweetest, and the “richest” headquarters in the world of custom chocolate (hopefully soon the quotation marks can be removed from that last description).  Well, fall is coming which means the holidays are fast approaching and some of the latest out of 1879 Old Cuthbert has the gang preparing for everything from Halloween to Thanksgiving to the winter holiday season.

collage_chocolate-barsThe next big holiday coming up?  Let’s try Canadian Thanksgiving, celebrated annually on the second Monday of October.  And how perfect the timing is, as Chocomize just streamlined the shipping process to Canada.  Previously our northern neighbors had to call on the phone to place an international order, but now the option is available to ship orders to Canada directly through our Creation Station.  And remember to use the coupon code Canada for 10% off at checkout now through the “other” Thanksgiving on Monday, October 4th.

The team has been hard at work creating all kinds of interesting bars, my favorite of which (for its name as much as for its ingredients) is the “Tighty Whiteys” bar.  Don’t worry though, there’s more to our office than just chocolate creation.  Beginning last week, Nick has us all listening to the Harry Potter series on tape.  We have made our way steadily through the collection and are now in the midst of The Goblet of Fire.


We all agree that it has been much more enjoyable and stimulating than listening to the same top-40 songs over and over again on the radio.  However, as they say, this too shall pass.  Unfortunately, Harry, Dumbledore, and the gang will not entertain us forever.  If you have an interesting suggestion for the next book on tape collection we might enjoy, I for one would love to hear from you.  Feel free to leave any ideas in the comments section of the post.


It’s great to be here bringing our loyal customers and followers the latest from Chocomize HQ, and be sure to familiarize yourself with our list of Favorites bars.

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