The View from Candyland-Part 7

daveUnfortunately, with this being just my third The View from Candyland post, it is also my last.  Today, I bid farewell to the town of Cherry Hill, at least until October 14th, when I have to come back and fight the ludicrous traffic ticket I was given for not stopping to let a “pedestrian” who was standing still on the yellow lines in the middle of the street cross to the other side.  Turns out the pedestrian was an undercover police officer in the midst of a sting operation to crack down on people who drive past “pedestrians” standing in the middle of the street.  Or something like that.  In case you can’t detect this already in my tone, I was none too excited to get this ticket which was worth a hefty chunk of money and points (no that “s” was not a mistake, multiple points) on my license.


It’s been an interesting final week at the epicenter of custom chocolate creation.  Not only did we have a large corporate order to fill, which we got out just in the Nick of time (pun intended as Nick got lost while we were driving it to the UPS Store), but we also hammered out some great bars from individual orders, and just yesterday sent out the bars for the Chocolate of the Month Club.  With the weather finally cooling off, it’s been nice not to have to pack ice and protective liners into every single order box.


Nick has spent the week without a computer of his own as he had to send it to Dell to be repaired, but he has been able to scratch and claw along on other people’s computers to keep up communications while shifting more of his focus to the production side of things.  Don’t worry, none of this has affected his ability to taste test the ingredients.  He assures us that the Skittles and Sour Patch Kids are still as delicious and un-nutritious as ever.



I won’t bore you like Jim did with the whole rundown of what I’ll be doing in my time afterward but I am on my way back up to New York City to try and make a man out of myself.  We’ll see how that goes.  In the meantime, Go Phils.









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