Top Five Bar Names

chocomize_packaging2Hey guys, we’ve had some great names for chocolate bars these past couple of weeks. Here are my top five favorite, let me know what you think:

1.) For Mom, so she won’t steal dads

Dark Chocolate

Nuts & Seeds: Whole Almonds

Nuts & Seeds: Pecan Halves

2.) To The Sweetest

Dark Chocolate

Other: Graham Teddies

Decorations: Happy Birthday Plaque

Decorations: Sprinkles

Candy: Mini Marshmallows

(I really like the pun here…)

3.) Smart Mouth Bar

Dark Chocolate

Candy: Pop Rocks

Fruits: Sour Cherries

Herbs & Spices: Cayenne Pepper

4.) Nueces y Dulces en Blanca

White Chocolate

Nuts & Seeds: Hazelnuts

Nuts & Seeds: Macadamia Nuts

Candy: Butterscotch

Candy: Caramel Pieces


Dark Chocolate

Candy: Peanut Chocolate Candy

Fruits: Dried Strawberries

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