Top Five Best Bars of the Week

Need help coming up with some good ideas for your chocolate bar creation? Here are the five most delicious bars I think we made this week:

1. But You Don’t Let Bees in Your House!dark_pretzels_blueberries
Milk Chocolate
Candy: Chocolate Candy
Candy: Dark Chocolate Chips
Candy: White Chocolate Chips
Decorations: Sprinkles

2. Healthy & Happy Mami
Milk Chocolate
Nuts & Seeds: Organic Flax Seeds
Fruits: Coconut Flakes
Other: Banana Granola

3. Cierra’s Candy Bar
Milk Chocolate
Candy: Sour Patch Kids
Candy: Pop Rocks

4. Catie’s other birthday bar!
Milk Chocolate
Candy: Oreo Pieces
Candy: Mini Marshmallows
Candy: Cookie Dough

5. Dark Chocolate
Candy: Caramel Pieces
Candy: Toffee
Candy: Mini Marshmallows
Candy: Cookie Dough
Decorations: Candy Sugar Hearts

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