Top Five Most Popular Favorites Bars

teddybarHave you ever wondered which combinations are the most popular? Check out our ‘favorites’ page where if you can’t decide what to design, you can pick from some of our previous favorites (hence the name.) So which one of our favorites is the most popular? The following is the top five most popular custom chocolate bars:

5. I Feel Lucky Chocolate Bar: This candy chocolate bar is for the adventurous. If you’re looking for a pleasant surprise (we like to think we can put together a mean chocolate bar) then this is the bar for you. It looks like we have a lot of daredevil customers, because this is a very popular chocolate bar.

4. Spicy Special Chocolate Bar: So here’s some inside information that I bet very few people know: the spicy special ‘favorites’ bar is actually named in honor of a sandwich that Eric, Fabian, and I would eat while we studied together at Columbia University. Our favorite deli had a great spicy sandwich which they called ‘the spicy special’. We loved the name and the sandwich even more, so when we designed the first spicy chocolate bar, it was a unanimous decision to name it in honor of our favorite sandwich. We go back there from time to time, and there’s no better combination than a spicy special sandwich and a spicy special personalized chocolate bar.

3. Happy Birthday Chocolate Bar: People love giving our chocolate bars for birthdays. Can you blame them? This bar is especially awesome because in addition to tasting amazing, it comes with a candle and candle holder. How many people have blown out a chocolate bar with a candle? Not very many until Chocomize came around!

2. Summer Chocolate: This bar might come as a surprise to people, but white chocolate is actually very popular. With its incredibly smooth taste, white chocolate goes great with toffee and chocolate candy pieces. Even though it’s called the summer chocolate, be careful about leaving it out in the sun, it will melt. And speaking of melting and summer, you don’t ever have to worry about your order not making it in the heat; we ship all our boxes with ice. Yeah we’re awesome.

1. Smores Bar: This bar is far and away our most popular. And for good reason, it’s absolutely delicious. The history and origin of the bar is a bit of a controversy around the office. Fabian swears that his girlfriend came up with the idea, while Eric swears that it was his. It’s funny because they’re both wrong, only I could come up with such a great tasting creation! Whatever the history, one this is for sure, this personalized chocolate is amazing.


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