Tropical Island Chocolate Bar

fabian tropical island barThere’s no groundbreaking news to share, but Fabian created a pretty awesome picture that I thought was at least worth posting on our blog.back to school bar This has been one of our all time favorite bars and has been around since the beginning of Chocomize. It’s unclear exactly how this combination was discovered (usually when in doubt I try to take credit for things) but it’s a pretty natural combination. Fabian’s ne w picture definitely makes it more enticing!

And for those who haven’t noticed, we did add a new favorites bar called the Back To School Bar. Milk chocolate with gummi bears, chocolate candy, and candy letters is a great gift for the student heading off to school (and it’s on sale!) That’s enough salesmanship for one blog posting, summer is quickly coming  and I’m going to try to enjoy the outdoors…


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