Valentine's Day Chocolate Bar

valentines day chocoaltge bar

milk valentines day bar

Check out our favorites page to see our two new Valentine’s Day themed chocolate bars. Our ‘Dark Indulgence’ bar is dark chocolate with 23 karat gold flakes, dried cranberries, Happy Valentine’s Day plaque, crystallized rose petals, and a red chocolate heart. Talk about delicious! Our ‘Tasty Temptation’ bar is milk chocolate with raspberries, crunchy almond croquent, Happy Valentine’s Day plaque, and a romance heart. These two bars were extensively taste tested by the partners at Chocomize (best part about owning a chocolate company) and believe me, they are going to put a smile on anyone who is lucky enough to get them for Valentine’s Day.

Feeling creative? We have also added a bunch of new Valentine’s Day themed ingredients which can be found in our decoration section in the creation station. We have an edible plaque that says “Happy Valentine’s Day’, message hearts, chocolate strawberry hearts, chocolate love tiles, and chocolate romance hearts.

Don’t see something that you want? Send us an e-mail with your suggestion and we’ll try to get it on our website before Valentine’s Day is over!




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