Valentine's Day Gift Certificates

gift_certificateChocomize is SOLD OUT for Valentine’s Day! Thanks to all our fans who ordered custom chocolate bars. The last couple days have been a race against the clock. Not only have we been getting nonstop orders which we had to have sent out by noon today, we got word of an impending blizzard. This morning, as we were making the last of the chocolate bars, the snow started to fall and we were in a race against time and weather. Luckily we managed to get all the chocolate bars out in time, and we can’t wait to hear the response from you guys!


If you weren’t able to order in time, fear not. You can always give someone an e-gift certificate. Check out our chocolate of the month club or our gift certificate page to make sure that you are still giving the gift of chocolate on Valentine’s Day. Thanks again to all our fans.

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