Valentine's Day Packaging

Christmas and New years are over, but that doesn’t mean that the holidays are done for. It’s only a little over a month until Valentine’s Day! As usual, in the lead up to Valentine’s Day we are going to add a bunch of different holiday themed ingredients. We already have candy sugar hearts, rose petals, violet petals, and 23 karat gold flakes, but we’re going to add plaques that say ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ as well as other surprise ingredients!

In addition to adding a bunch of delicious Valentine’s Day themed ingredients, we are going to offer special packaging. Just like the holiday packaging for Christmas, there is a limited quantity, so we suggest that all our fans get in on this early before they run out! They are currently being shipped to our factory, so we’ll keep you updated on the date when we start using them for every order. In the meantime, feel free to get a special sneak peek to what it’s going to look like:




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