Weird Chocolate Bar Combinations

candy barSeeing the chocolate bars that people create is one of the reasons I love working at Chocomize. I will think that I’ve tried the best combination possible (right now I’m all about milk chocolate with m & m’s, pretzels, and cinnamon toast crunch) but then someone will come along and think of something even better. Sometimes, however, people will create a chocolate bar that I just don’t get. Milk chocolate with pop rocks, bacon, edamame, and sour patch kids? I just don’t understand that. We had a pretty weird bar today: dark chocolate with beef jerky, nerds, cayenne pepper, and pop rocks. Now I don’t want to be judgmental, but seriously? I’m all about beef jerky and chocolate, but if you’re going to go down that route, I recommend trying potato chips or butter toasted peanuts. And nerds and pop rocks are amazing, but I’m not sure combining them with cayenne pepper is the best option. I guess that’s the whole point of Chocomize though, we have no idea what people would like so we just leave it up to you.

If you do want my opinion (since I can write whatever I want, I’m going to give it to you regardless) here are some combinations that I think are delicious. Pretty much every week I have a new favorite bar, but here are my top three recently discovered combinations:

1. Milk chocolate with pretzels, m & m’s, and cinnamon toast crunch.

2. Dark chocolate with strawberries, gushers, and crunchy almond croquant.

3. Dark chocolate with cinnamon and coffee beans.

Even though I think these combos are great, I’m definitely not always correct. I tried a dark chocolate bar with beef jerky and sour patch kids (it’s a surprisingly popular combination) and it was actually good…goes to show that even after a year I still don’t know everything about what ingredients go best with what.


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