We're Legal: Chocomize Receives US Trademark

patentWhen you think of America, what do you think of?  Apple pie?  Baseball?  Obesity?  How about red tape?  Bureaucracy and procedural headaches might be the most American things there are, and Chocomize just reached the end of a paperwork process that was painstakingly slow.  After months of waiting, Chocomize has officially received its US trademark for its company name.

This doesn’t really change anything about our business, our service, or our chocolate (mmm our chocolate…) but we thought people would be interested to know we now have our papers all straightened out and our company is now officially sanctioned as the American company for hand-crafted personalized premium chocolate bars.


So, if you ever have a chance to stop into the sweetest corner warehouse in the 1879 Industrial Center, you can rest assured that our brand new trademark(pictured to the left) will be proudly displayed in between rowing pictures, the ubiquitous Chocomize poster, and our giant modern art paint-splatter painting.



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