Win Free Chocolate in our Spring Chocolatier Competition!

We’re proud to say we have very creative customers. Since our launch, we have received millions of imaginative chocolate bar combination orders. We’re still pleasantly surprised to witness new combinations, and sometimes we get so excited that we give the combination a try for ourselves.

make your own chocolate bar competition

It’s your turn to shine, you chocolatier.


Anyone that’s ordered from our site knows that the combination possibilities seem almost infinite. However, we already know your creations are so carefully crafted – toppings complimenting toppings, sweet and salty converging, mouthwatering combinations – we believe it’s innovative art. And we’d like to see your best.


Part 1)

Until Friday, April 13th, visit our Facebook page and write your perfect combination on our wall. Give it a witty and fun name, too. Once your ingenious creation is published on our wall, encourage your friends to visit our Facebook page, like us, and like your chocolate bar on our wall. The more “likes” your bar gets, the closer it will get to the top 10. You can post more than one bar and ask your friends to like it but we will only pick one bar per person (the one with the most likes) for the top 10.

Part 2)

On April 13th 10am EST, we will choose the 10 creations with the most likes and they will be photographed and posted on our favorites page by the following Monday, where they will battle it out. You can use the ‘FB share’, ‘Twitter’, and ‘Google+’ functions on the product details page to create buzz for your chocolate bar, get your friends to find your bar, and LIKE it.


Share your custom chocolate


The contest will end on Monday, April 23rd, 10am EST. The most liked bar will be deemed “Choctastic” and earn a permanent spot on our “Favorites” page. The clever chocolatier will win perks that include free chocolate!


1st price: $100 Chocomize gift certificate + 3 of your suggested favorite bars

2nd price: $50 Chocomize gift certificate + 3 of your suggested favorite bars

3rd price: $25 Chocomize gift certificate + 3 of your suggested favorite bars







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